"Yilan - teppanyaki" - the best delicious food aft | 愛妃食來也

The friends who often go to reef creek to jump have new oral luck ~~~!!!!!

In addition to the fresh choice of urn chicken and scallion cake,

Let the romantic date, the family warm party's small trip dedraws the perfect end point!

It's the Oriental red iron plate creative cooking


The origin of "Oriental red"

Qiucan island, also known as qiucan island, belongs to eight sceneries in lanyang,

The sun is red, and the sun is red.


The main fishing and food materials are from the daxi fishing port.

Make fresh food with chef's ingenuity and creativity to retain the original taste of food!

The main production of organic rice in the general manager's family made him to add special feelings to LAN Yang ping yuan.

Dongfanghong has the most abundant resources in jiaoxi,

Daxi fishing port, minfeng organic rice, samsung spring Onions,

Hot spring tomato, cherry duck, kumquat, mountain spring,

Healthy environment, let you enjoy comfortable reef creek, feel different exquisite iron board creative cooking!

(the above is cut from the store's official website)


Ha ha, yue yue first to say, we are going to taste the teppanyaki heart is not excited,

Because at present on the market chain teppanyaki shop

(refers to the kind of restaurants with medium and high prices, which are not ordinary and inexpensive.)

It has made people feel nothing new & when they finally feel that the meal does not meet the price expectation,

So I would rather have lunch at home.

Although the service of these stores is very good, also very careful

But also won't want to again take the initiative to eat the medium high price of teppanyaki restaurant (all appear to be similar)!

Until I stepped into dongfanghong creative iron plate cooking,

I thoroughly feel that the original high quality of the teppanyaki is such a thing!

Then quietly in the heart of the decision, in the future if still want to eat teppanyaki, will eat this!!!!!

Do you think that's an exaggeration???

Look down to know, you also can agree with music to say certainly!!!


Just a little bit of clarification,

The consumption mode of dongfanghong creative iron plate cooking,

The restaurant has no menu, that is, the cooking content will be changed every time I go to eat.

Look at the recent and today's supply of fish/meat, chefs will do the best adjustments and cooking!

But make sure it's fresh and delicious

Price selection is very simple, and it is divided into four prices:

The menu of NT$1,400 is the most basic, and there is no shortage of seafood, beef, etc.

12 courses (including dessert)

NT$1,700 or more, in addition to the basic dishes, several dishes will eat some different seafood.

12 courses (including dessert)

NT$2,000, needless to say, will add one more haute cuisine.

13 courses (including dessert)

NT$2,500 contains a lot of special ingredients. As for several ingredients, we don't order them. So we don't know

In addition, chefs have mentioned that they can also provide customized services.

So have the person that need, might as well take the initiative to call ask oh!!



Ok, back to the point of eating in the restaurant today!

This time le le brought two friends to eat with her, just to compare the grades offered at the three prices.

After actually eating it, I think it would be amazing if my friend ate it for the first time, even though it cost NT$1400,

But if the budget is ok, the proposal can choose the price of NT$1700.

More than 300 yuan will get you a great deal!!!

Ha ha ~ and so in another companion or in front of the family is also very face ~

Say so much ~ let you see ~ big set of 3 kinds of price first!!!!

In choosing the price, the chef or the store will ask if they have any ingredients they don't eat.

If you have concerns about some seafood or meat, be allergic to it/don't eat it, don't mention it


NT $1400






Very rich!! In fact, 1400 is enough to eat

So if more than two people to eat, I sincerely recommend a different price point, share together!!!!!


In the beginning, everyone would be served a side dish.

After eating can also ask the waiter to add!

Kimchi, cold Onions


Let's take a look at it one by one

If there are different dishes, the picture will be divided into three price categories.

When the same dish ~ will only have a picture when represent oh ~!!!!


Seasonal fruit


(left to right) cherry duck with red wine apple, halibut sea urchin roll, halibut sea urchin meal roll


The famous cherry duck of yilan, with sweet and tender meat, and the stewed apple with red wine,

It's refreshing and tasty!

The sea urchin in the hand roll is "Hokkaido horse dung sea urchin",

Love the friend that eats sea urchin ~ will like this very much!!

And sea urchin and halibut meat are very fresh!!!!

A hand roll with nori baked and then wrapped!! It's really special!!


Parmesan cheese wrapped in swordfish


This is special! The cheese on the outside and the swordfish on the inside will be Fried separately,

After that, the chef wraps a half-cooked swordfish in the cheese!

Eat up whole, cheese flavour is quite thick, can slant slightly salty!

But the swordfish has balanced the taste! Actually very delicious!!! Ha ha


(left to right) Hokkaido scallops stewed rice, Hokkaido scallops + Russian caviar stewed rice with abalone


When the chef brought out the scallops, it was specially explained that their scallops were freshly frozen and sent to Taiwan!

It is not the kind of frozen dried scallops in ordinary stores, but also through the freezing, thawing procedures!

This way, the frozen scallops will be tender and delicious!!!

When the scallops were Fried on the plate, le le wanted more!!!!!

As it turns out, it's really delicious!! Scallops cooked just right ~ it is said that entrance is "scattered" also cannot be overdone!!

The bottom of the stewed rice is also small, the chef USES "more light rice" to cook,

Yueguang rice is a kind of edible rice with strong viscosity, good taste and flavor, so the price is higher.

Abalone need not say more ~ happy I personally dare not eat!!

But according to two friends of edible experience, is high praise!!!

And the chef before cooking abalone, abalone fresh to the side or constantly active...

In addition to the original seasoning of the ingredients, the sauce on the plate,

It's highly recommended that you check out the green "nine-layer tower sauce" oh!! Very rinse mouth!!! (laughs


A small roll of salad


A salad of French apple cider vinegar, grilled and freshly caught in the fishing port of tuonggi.

Unlike most stores, which use pre-prepared salads,

This one is really sincere!!! Do it completely in front of the guests! Great ~

Apple cider vinegar sauce, not only is it not as fat and processed as Kaiser sauce and thousand island sauce,

On the contrary, it is very healthy, slightly sour taste!! Just right with seafood


Fish eel in water with steamed egg in French (NT$2000).


The mulberry eel, which is commonly heard in Chinese medicine, has a very high economic value.

It really is what some people say.

The eel is really delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sauce is not quite what to eat ~ but feeling a bit like three cups, is a very next meal dish!! Ha ha


French steamed egg (with foie gras, truffles and caviar on top)

The taste is so wonderful, there's something like eating a cake? The feeling of

Foie gras with steamed egg is a good match!!!


(left to right) chestnut puree, onion tail soup, and crisp skin puree


For the part of soup, the waiter will read out the selection items and let the guests choose by themselves.

Usually, I seldom drink chestnut soup. The whole cup looks like coffee

But as soon as I got close, I could smell chestnuts. They were delicious

Onion soup, I have to say, that soup really concentrate the essence!!

Although it is clear soup, it tastes like thick soup, very strong!

Crispy thick soup, that crisp skin is really crisp!!! And you can see that it's different than the regular crust,

Eating alone, eating with soup is very delicious ~~ and not greasy at all!! And beautiful.


Red throat fish


The good thing about being near a fishing port is that the fish can be really fresh!!!

This red throat fish is no exception. Taste and salt are great!!!!

Side side side side side dish - balsam pear, also very delicious oh ~~!!!


(top to bottom) wild tiger prawns with cream prince mushroom and lobster with cream prince mushroom


When le le saw this dish, her eyes were bright!!!!!!!

I love shrimp ~!! (but just enough!! Ha ha)

Fresh!!!!!! It's the most important thing to eat seafood!

(ok, actually, the cooking should be like this, but the seafood must be!! )

As long as it is fresh enough, no extra flavoring is needed!!

A person eats this lobster with bounced teeth, satisfied ~~~

Tiger prawns are actually very fresh and sweet, but with lobster on the table ~ will change your heart ~ ha ha

Next to it, "cream shitake mushroom",

Can only say that... This combination is too much!!!

Lentinus mushrooms do not taste disgusting, with the cream prince...

Wish to have one more ~~~~ delicious ~!!


Seasonal vegetables


I had Fried rape flower that day. I heard from the chef. Sometimes I also had delicious "beanle".

Green vegetables are completely random, depending on the day of the purchase of vegetables, will be healthy delicious good vegetables


Beef roll with foie gras


This beautiful beef outside is American

When the chef places it on a plate, the beef smells delicious.

When it's cooked, it's got Hungarian foie gras,

When the chef brings it to you, please put it in your mouth and eat it within 10 seconds.

But to be careful with hot ~~ but is to eat like this, to eat instant delicious!!


American boneless beef fillet with Japanese gold foil and French black truffle



Let's start with NT$1400&NT$1700 for the American boneless beef fillet

The beef of 5 medium ripe, the garlic slice that tie-ins has been stir-fried ~ is the heart of happy ~!!

If there's grilled Onions/whole garlic I love it too, perfect for steak

The chef just assigned half of the soft and sinewy pieces. So you can get two different textures.

Also because the quality of beef is very good, so actually side of the dip is redundant

Eat flavor is very ~~ good ~~ eat ~!!!


The highlight is this ~NT$2000 gold leaf truffle and beef!!!!


Awesome!!!!! Eating gold leaf on a plate,

Truffles are a really fascinating ingredient, with about medium rare and beef,

Put in the mouth at the same time, the instant feel that the beef melted!!

Full of the aroma of truffles and the tender taste of beef... Really want to have another mouthful ~ ha ha


Eat here, the chef will ask you ~ still hungry?

If!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your stomach is not full

Say it out loud ~~~~!!!!

The chef may Fried rice or Fried rice noodles to you!!!

That day, we ate the special XO sauce Fried rice noodles


This totally makes joy feel special! Because every time I go to eat teppanyaki...

Is all eat Fried rice, especially often eat what cherry shrimp Fried rice most ~

For the first time, I was able to eat rice noodles stir-fried with iron plate, plus the handmade soy sauce made by the store.

Very good!!!!!!! And smell can saliva gush flow!!!

The chef will brown the rice flour slightly, so there will be a feeling of rice powder

But what do you think it tastes like???

Absolutely!!!!! Not!!!!!!!!!!! You want to eat? Come to dongfanghong and tell the chef to eat Fried rice noodles


Last but not least, dessert and beverage (optional)

But... Sorry, everybody...

Le le ate so happily that she thought the photo had been taken.

Then they ate it up and found that... Hey.. The whole dessert was missed

The chef's homemade artisanal milk crepe (definitely not what you thought)

But I can only say ~~ very very very ~ delicious!!!!

But it seems like the dessert can also change randomly.

If have to go to east fang hong to eat this friend ~~ congratulations you!!!!!! You are so lucky


Dongfanghong creative iron plate cooking is really a subversive iron plate cooking,

The food that comes to the table, thinking it's going to cost a lot to get it,

I didn't expect to get it for as long as NT$1400. (of course, the higher the price, the more abundant the ingredients are.)

But their NT$1400 home, I think it is enough to eat very cost-effective ~!!

The complimentary side dishes of the day,

For example: pickles, handmade soy sauce, golden dates, sea urchin sauce, XO sauce, balsam pear, fruit vinegar

All are made and sold by the shop owner!!! It's not expensive either,

After eating ~ feel like friends ~ can also consider buying home,

Use your gift for itself

Next time to yilan play friends ~~~~

I highly recommend that you come here for dinner. Beautiful lighting atmosphere ~~!!!!

Awesome ~~~ and then ~ remember to make a reservation!!!!


Store information:

Eastern red iron plate creative cooking FaceBook

TEL: 03-9872699.

36 health road, jiaoxi township, ilan county


Business hours:

Monday - Sunday: 11:30-22:30

Meal time:

Weekdays: 11:30-14:00 for lunch / 17:30-20:30 for dinner

Holidays: lunch 11:30-14:30 / dinner 17:30-20:30



[lower ilan south] :

Xiaocheng communication road, no. 5, national highway, is the sixth section of jiaoxi road.

It connects the second section of zhongshan road and the fifth section of jiaoxi road to yilan.

Please take the right section of jiaoxi road and turn right at the wenquan road.

Turn right at the first crossing.

[upper yilan] :

After the lower suhua highway, the upper national highway 5 and in the first city communication road

Next, the road to yilan connects the second section of zhongshan road and the fifth section of jiaoxi road.

Please go to the right section of jiaoxi road and turn left at wenquan road junction.

Turn right at the first crossing.


After getting off at jiaoxi railway station, go straight for about 300 meters, and connect the right side of health road

Turn around and arrive.

Passenger community:

The sect orchid:

Get off at jiaoxi station, turn left on hot spring road to health road and then turn right.

Capital star:

Get off at jiaoxi station, turn left on hot spring road to health road and then turn right.


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